W2S1 [bıˈgınıŋ] n [C usually singular]
1.) the start or first part of an event, story, period of time etc
beginning of
She's been here since the beginning of the year.
There's a short poem at the beginning of every chapter.
From the beginning of my career as a journalist, I've been writing about gender issues.
I thought he loved me; perhaps he did in the beginning .
That chance meeting marked the beginning of a long and happy relationship.
This is just the beginning of a new and different life for you.
I said he would cause trouble, right from the beginning .
I opposed it from the very beginning .
The whole trip was a disaster from beginning to end .
I feel like I've been offered a new beginning .
Could we start at the beginning ? Tell me where you first met him.
2.) beginnings [plural]
the early signs or stages of something that later develops into something bigger or more important
beginnings of
I think I have the beginnings of a cold.
from humble/small beginnings
He rose from humble beginnings to great wealth.
3.) the beginning of the end
the time when something good starts to end
COLLOCATES for sense 1
since the beginning (of something)
at the beginning (of something)
from the beginning
in the beginning
mark the beginning of something
herald/signal the beginning of something (=show that something is starting)
be just/only the beginning (=used to emphasize that something will continue or develop)
right at the beginning
right from the beginning
the very beginning
from beginning to end
a new beginning
start at the beginning (=start an activity or story at the point where it is meant to start)

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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